Pain Management Associates prides itself in its ability to work with patients, employers, workers’ compensation case managers, and attorneys to establish a plan-of-care that is agreeable to all parties. We know that an early diagnosis, thorough plan-of-care, and constant communication are key to a successful, systematic recovery process. We are knowledgeable in Workers’ Compensation guidelines and procedures.


Our team of skilled and experienced physicians have had success in assisting on involving:

    • Slips, Trips, & Falls
    • Auto Accidents
    • Machinery Accidents
    • Injuries caused by repetitive motions


    • Overexertion caused by lifting, pushing, holding, and carrying
    • Back, neck, leg, joint, and other injuries
    • Assault/Violent Acts
    • Other work-related injuries

Our Workers’ Compensation services include:

    • Same-day appointments for Workers’ Compensation cases
    • Board-certified physicians who understand Workers’ Compensation guidelines & procedures
    • A partnership with a team of licensed physical therapists who deliver attentive care, work conditioning & ergonomic coaching
    • Diagnostic testing (nerve blocks, stimulator trials, etc.)
    • Drug testing
    • Medication and narcotic management
    • Attentive staff capable of producing concise documents in a timely, responsive manner
    • A single-point-of-contact for workers’ compensation case managers to help navigate paperwork
    • A partnership with a local outpatient surgery center where we can arrange for outpatient procedures and surgeries

Our goal is to help injured employees return to their standard-of-living. By partnering with all parties in a workers’ compensation case, we can effectively help injured workers recover while maintaining communication with attorneys, case managers, and other impacted parties.

Please call us at 434-975-2555 today and ask for Tracey,
our dedicated Workers' Compensation Coordinator.


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